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Shilly is a platform that makes finding crypto services easy, safe and reliable.

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Why Shilly?

Blockchain offers peer-to-peer full decentralization.
Transparent & Secured
Public Profiles & Verified Service providers with orders in digital contracts for security.
Fast and Easy
Made to be quick and easy, find shillers by category, rating & reviews.
Shilly has endless evergrowing network that will grow with the best providers in the industry. All ready for you to connect with.
The Marketplace for Projects and Shillers

This is how ordering services in Shilly work.

Find Service provider
Use explore page or search feature to find the right service provider for you
Connect with service provider by chat
Visit Service provider’s profile and click “Contact Me”
Create Order, Write terms and Transfer funds for the Service
Create order, write the terms of the order and transfer funds to be locked inside smart contract
Get it delivered
Once accepted service provider has to provide proof of work to the ordered service, You now only need to accept to have the order completed

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You are new to Shilly?

These are questions you may care about

How can I use Shilly?
Shilly is fully decentralized, so we need you connect your crypto wallet to use Shily.
Do I need to deposit fund to Shilly?
Every collaboration between Project Owner and Service Provider will be managed by smart contract, Shilly will not hold any of your money before the collaboration is done.
How Shilly connect me to the service providers?
Shilly provides you a powerful search function, so that you can searh, filter by category to find a right person. We also have verified badge to show the service provider who registered and checked by us.
May be you have more question to ask?
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