About Shilly

Shilly is the fiverr for the cryptocurrency market. It connects token owners (owners) with marketing service providers(shillers). This allows owners to find specialised shillers to bring greater exposure to their token through the chosen platform. This also allows shillers to receive a high volume of job requests for their marketing expertise.

Transaction records are also made available to everyone, through blockchain technology. This allows a fair playing ground for all shillers, where they are not able to artificially inflate their transaction records and get more fake reviews without others noticing. Transparent transaction records also allow owners to identify and engage the most suitable shiller for their project needs.

For 3rd parties who are interested in checking on a token's progress, they are also able to use Shilly to identify the marketing activities. The more marketing activities a token engages in, the higher the commitment level of the project, and the lesser the chance of the project being a scam.