How it works?

Shilly is made to create an easy, secure & reliable way for Service providers and Crypto projects to connect. It does this by having multiple features to help both parties. All service providers will receive public Ratings & Reviews, This allows a transparent view that award those service providers that deliver good services. Rating is only available for both parties once an order is completed.

All transactions inside Shilly are made with smart contracts made to protect both the service provider and the buyer. Once an Service Offer is sent and accepted Shilly will automatically request the funds from the buyer to be held inside a new smart contract created for this specific Service Offer.

Verified providers: To increase security some service providers will have a Verified badge on their avatar and profile. This badge means they have gone through the Shilly’s Vetted process where they have proved to have ownership of the company/services and have also done proof of services towards the Shilly team.

If you wish to be an verified provider please go to contact page.

The contract will hold the funds secured until the service has been provided. Once the service is completed the Service Provider will send Proof of work. The buyer then has to accept the proof of work and the funds will be open for the Service provider to claim on the profile wallet page.

This six-step process secures both the Service Provider and the buyer.

Any dispute on proof of work can be forwarded to Support or be moved towards the JURY protocol where an independent JURY will decide on the dispute. JURY Protocol is an staking platform made for $SPON holders to vote on disputes to get rewarded. You can read more about it here:
Regulations of service
You may not talk or offer communication outside Shilly app.
You may not offer payment outside Shilly app.
Any violations of these terms will result in suspended accounts for both parties.
Disputes may be forwarded to the support team.
Shilly app takes 10% of each service delivered in transaction fee.
The income breakdown will show this fee before the service provider accepts the order.
Creating Accounts
(Please note that the account you have chosen in your wallet when connecting is the one that your account will be connected to)

1. Press [Connect wallet] on the top right of page.

2. Choose to connect with Metamask or Trustwallet.

3. Choose Service Provider or Project.

4. Complete the simple profile setup.

5. You now have access to the website and will be sent to your new profile page.

6. Complete profile setups by pressing [Edit Profile] on your page.

7. Save Changes!!

You can now enjoy the full scale of Shilly and connect with others.
How to create orders
1. Go to Explore.

2. Search for Service providers on Category and view their services on the profile pages.

3. Click the button [Chat to book services].
4. Talk about the service you wish to order with the provider in chat.

5. Once you have agreed upon a price you need to send this as an offer to the provider by clicking the button
[Service Offer]

6. Make sure this offer has the correct price, dates, and terms of the agreement.

7. The service provider will be notified about this offer and now has a chance to accept the offer or do changes in case you missed some important information.

8. When the offer is accepted by the service provider Shilly will ask you to transfer the funds for the order into a locked smart contract.

9. Transfer the funds and accept.

10. If needed continue to talk to the service provider in chat and wait for proof of work.

11. You will be notified when proof of work is available to view.

Done !!